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I AM:  Living the Law of Attraction

I went from being an Air force Thunderbird crew chief, to a radio DJ,to a television soap opera actor (Young and the Restless), to being a diagnostic imaging specialist. While on top of the world I wrote my book, "The Power of I AM and the Law of Attraction."  

And then I went blind!  Now I see with my heart, and the world is even clearer, and I have a new vantage point for success and abundance at every level. 

It is amazing how clear the world is when your blind. Yet the universe has revealed its abundance despite what many would consider a setback. After a serious brain tumor that doctors said was inoperable, I have my life - and believe it or not  - it is better than ever!

Many people ask, "How can I overcome my trials, relationship difficulties and financial adversity by harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction?"

The answer is in using powerful I AM affirmations, and I have created a series of recorded affirmation sessions that are designed to reprogram the mind for success and abundance. I have used my time to create affirmations for others, since fully recovering from my illness and I want to share with you these powerful recordings that can activate the Law of Attraction in your life.

Right below this text are the programs you can access. They are downloadable, they are professionally recorded, and they are life-changing. I use these affirmations in my life, and I continue to be blessed.



Get the audio book, "The Power of I AM and the Law of Attraction" from

Read specific strategies for how to the Law of Attraction below:


The Ask, Believe, Receive Process

Our thoughts are powerful, but our words put thought into action. There are people who say the Law of attraction has not worked for them, but we doubt they have asked through a positive process of I AM affirmations. Action is required, and your belief will be magnified when you receive first in the small thing, and then in everything.


I AM Affirmations

Success comes from creating affirmations that are yours, that are owned by the subconscious mind, and spoken as truth. We strongly believe I AM affirmations are the key to success. Sy this out loud right now:  "I AM a happy person"  and do it again. And again.   Do it right now, out loud.  Check to see, you will notice you feel a little bit happier right now, just from saying this.



Start a gratitude journal. Get a regular notebook, with a pen and paper.  Each day write 5 things you are grateful today. It shows you higher power, the universe, that you are grateful with what you are given, and then it will be given unto you. It creates a positive feeling.  What you go to sleep dwelling on is what you will subconsciously meditate on. Even its as simple as being grateful for shoelaces, that is a starting point!


Loving Kindness

One of the most powerful of all meditations, is the Loving-Kindness Meditation. All it requires is for you to take five minutes to focus on love and kindness. And to create love from within and mentally share that love with others, and accept love in return.  Say to yourself right now, "I AM loved" and "I AM Loving".  Be that which you think.


Wealth Activation

Nobody wants to be poor, and nobody has to be poor. The univese is filled with wealth and you are a divine creation who is worthy of success. Embrace this. Be this, and say to yourself, "I AM Wealthy" and begin by noting now what you do have at this moment, not what you lack and be a success.

Frequently Asked Questions About or Affirmation Series

  1. What does each download program include?
  2. Each program includes an audio recording of affirmations specifically targeted to attract a specific desirable result. While listening, repeat each affirmation out loud or internally. The goal is to help you focus your thoughts, energy, faith and beliefs onto the desired result.


Q: When should I listen to these programs?

  1. Each program contains multiple back ground tracks with various combinations of audible and subliminal vocals, soothing meditative music, and Theta frequency Brainwave Entrainment. Listen as often as you desire. The more frequently you listen, the greater and faster the results. Morning and bedtime are the two highest recommended times. You should not listen in a car to any self-hypnosis or any audio with theta waves.


  1. What is Brainwave entrainment and Theta frequencies?

A. BWE is the process of syncing one’s brain wave frequency to an outside audio stimuli. The human brain functions at various states, or frequencies, with each frequency band producing various results. The “Theta” frequency is the desired frequency for meditation and learning by becoming greater in tune with one’s subconscious faculties. ***Please DO NOT listen to any of the THETA tracks while driving or any time your full attention is required.

  1. Is this “Brain Washing?”
  2. Yes it is! We are cleaning out the old negative thoughts, revealing the beautiful subconscious resources you possess. It is Brain Washing that you choose to use to produce your desired result. Any and all media advertising, IS Brain Washing. The commercials are programming your subconscious mind to believe that you, your life, is “incomplete” or “unhappy” and that by buying their product, you will “Be Happy”, Feel Better, Look younger, etc. etc. etc.…… Here is YOUR chance to take control of Your Beliefs and your life.


  1. How long will it take to notice a change in my life?

A> There are many factors involved in learning to “manage” the Law of Attraction on one’s life. The more passionate you are about your desired result, the quicker things seem to manifest. The simple formula is: Ask, Believe, Receive. These audio affirmations programs will guide and assist you in reprogramming you subconscious. It is YOUR responsibility to focus on your desired results and have faith and a strong belief in the desired outcome. Remember, everything in our physical world was first visualized in someone’s mind. Visualize your dreams, and manifest them into you physical reality.